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GeneralHappy New Year 20172Papiosaur13.01.17 23:27
DeveloppmentBoost MorphOS Dev 20170Papiosaur03.01.17 22:09
ChrysalisChrysalis 3.9.3 beta available0Papiosaur02.01.17 18:40
WArMUpPolo WArMUp3Papiosaur02.10.16 18:58
GeneralMorphOS Store availlable0Papiosaur01.10.16 08:49
SoftwareMorphOS Storage3Papiosaur10.09.16 08:20
WArMUpSearch software for MorphOS Storage0Papiosaur22.07.16 17:07
SoftwareSearch snapshots to complete MorphOS Storage0Papiosaur26.06.16 10:45
GeneralList of MorphOS developers always active 3Papiosaur08.05.16 21:46
GamesA forum dedicated to AmigaRacer game open0Papiosaur14.03.16 20:47
General[Solved] - A possible future for MorphOS1Papiosaur08.03.16 20:39
WebsiteIs there any way to attach a file to a forum topic?1Papiosaur06.03.16 17:07
ChrysalisChrysalis 3.9.2 beta available1Papiosaur27.02.16 16:38
ChrysalisChrysalis pack beta for MorphOS 3.9 available15honkybear24.02.16 23:37
WArMUpWArMUp application for Android0beworld17.01.16 09:34
WebsiteUpgrade Website WArMUp0beworld17.01.16 09:30
DeveloppmentTower 57 for MorphOS ?5beworld13.01.16 18:49
ChrysalisOld virus found on the Chrysalis pack 3.9.1 and earlier1Tcheko12.01.16 11:58
ChrysalisA video about MorphOS and Chrysalis pack on YouTube0Papiosaur08.01.16 21:19
CreationNew skins for MorphOS4Jambalah17.11.15 20:57

     RSS Reader WArMUp for Androïd

Bruno 'BeWorld' Peloille has just updated its RSS reader allowing to follow the news Amiga classic and NG on his mobile phone or tablet under Androïd. Many french and international sites are supported.

More infos and download on GooglePlay.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Wednesday, January 18 @ 18:57:15 CET (108 reads)
     Exposé bounty for MorphOS reached

waThe bounty for Exposé bounty is to improve usability of MorphOS is finalized. The amount of 800 euros has been reached, it will allow to Jacek Piszczek to realize the 2 following parts:

Part one:
 - Improvements to layers and intuition
 - Lucy functionality built-in to the system
 - Alt-tab windows switching between windows (similar to Windows 7) or between applications

Part two:

 - Expose-alike window switching based on tinygl (requires all the internal work from Tier 1)


- Would require at least a Radeon R200 (some functionality might need an R300)
- Would only work on Enhanced Display, hi-color screens (no CLUT support)
- Would only work on cards with accelerated 2D and 3D support

Thank you to all the donors for funding this project and to Jacek Piszczek for proposing it.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, January 16 @ 18:28:50 CET (544 reads)
     AnimWebConverter 2.65
1 comment   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, January 08 @ 21:59:16 CET (318 reads)
     KwaKwa 1.7
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, January 07 @ 10:26:48 CET (332 reads)
     Exposé on MorphOS
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, January 02 @ 21:06:34 CET (458 reads)
     Calimero 3.81
5 comments   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, January 01 @ 17:56:03 CET (619 reads)
     Trashcan for MorphOS updated
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, January 01 @ 16:11:22 CET (608 reads)
     A big bounty to boost development on MorphOS
1 comment   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, December 29 @ 16:18:12 CET (898 reads)
     yWeather 1.19
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, December 27 @ 09:02:43 CET (603 reads)
     VintageViewer 2.25
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, December 27 @ 00:16:46 CET (624 reads)



Fabien Coeurjoly

Scout NG
Jacek Piszczek

Jacek Piszczek

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DuneLegacy 0.96.4
Stefan Haubenthal

SimpleMail 0.43
neoman & henes

Battle for Wesnoth
Not attributed

UFO-AI 2.5
Not attributed

Gigalomania 0.28

ScummVM 1.9.0
Not attributed

FreeCiv 2.5.6
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