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OWB 1.13

jeudi 21 juillet 2011 @ 15:07:58

Sujet : Logiciel

Fabien 'Fab' Coeurjoly vient de publier une nouvelle version de son portage du navigateur OWB pour MorphOS (version 1.13).

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Télécharger owb-morphos-1.13.lha (19,0 Mo).
Télécharger owb-morphos-1.13-nosvg.lha (16,6 Mo).
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Information proposée par Brumiga

- 16.07.2011: OWB 1.13
- Updated to WebKit r90337 (July 2011).
- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0d.
- Updated SSL certificates.
- Added SpellChecker library support. Dictionaries are expected in that kind
of path: LOCALE:dictionaries//base.dic
To enable spellchecker, use contextmenu in a text/textarea element and
enable "Check Spelling While Typing".
- Added arrows to select element default style, to differentiate it from
a plain text element.
- Added middle mouse button scrolling.
- Implemented a kind of fullscreen display, triggered on/off with F11 key.
- Attempt to fix a problem with cookies subdomain handling.
- Added a media control panel (play/pause/seek/volume) in fullwindow mode (overlay).
It can be hidden/shown with middle mouse button.
- Fixed an issue with some vimeo links that prevented videos from being played.
- Fixed an application deadlock that happened when closing a page while a WebM
video was still in seeking phase.  
- Fixed CSS issues in builtin media player stylesheet.
- Updated Youtube.js to enforce container height after recent Youtube changes,
so that media controls aren't cropped.
- Added "OWB_DISABLE_MOBILE_COMPRESSION" ENV option to disable mobile compression (hello pampers :)).

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