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FinalBurn Neo updated by BeWorld (12.01.2021)

mardi, janvier 12 @ 10:12:51

Topic: Jeux

BeWorld has just updated his port of FinalBurn Neo, an Emulator for Arcade Games & select Consoles. It is based on the emulators FinalBurn and old versions of MAME.

FinalBurn Neo manage over 15 000 games !!!

Here are the new features of this new version:

  • GUI: fix preview picture
  • GUI: fix window on scanning ROMs
  • support of last GIT version (12.01.2021)
  • know bug : rotation of text on vertical and flipped games

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.
Options : Pack Previews and Pack Titles

Thank you for your feedback on the forum here.

See all ports realized by BeWorld.


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