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MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.16, February 2021

mercredi, février 17 @ 09:10:20

Topic: Développement

The MorphOS Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the MorphOS 3.16 SDK, February 2021 release.

This update includes a greatly enhanced GDB, with TUI, syntax highlighting and shared library debugging. Two new profiling utilities were added. EventProfiler may be used to instrument a applications and generate Chrome Debugger files that may be loaded into Wayfarer for analysis. Koprofiler is a sampling profile that can be used to record a selected thread. Several GG packages were also updated, including git, wget, nano and perl. Updated OpenSSH now comes with ssh-agent.

Our new SDK requires MorphOS 3.15 and about 2 GB of free disk space and can be found in our files section. As usual, a separate source package is available for download as well.

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