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SDL2 2.0.14 by BeWorld and BSzili

jeudi, février 18 @ 17:59:39

Topic: DĂ©veloppement

BeWorld and BSzili continue the port of SDL2 librairies. You can see their modifications on this link.

This new archive contents last version of librairies SDL 2.0.14.

This new package contains:

SDL2.LIBRARY 53.3 based on SDL 2.0.14.

SDL2_IMAGE.LIBRARY 53.1 based on SDL2_IMAGE 2.0.6.

SDL2_MIXER.LIBRARY 53.2 based on SDL2_MIXER 2.0.4.

SDL2_GFX.LIBRARY 53.1 based on SDL2_GFX 1.0.4.

SDL2_TTF.LIBRARY 53.1 based on SDL2_TTF 2.0.15.

SDL2_NET.LIBRARY 53.1 based on SDL2_NET 2.0.1.

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