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FrozenLiquid 1.2 by Tcheko

samedi, avril 03 @ 09:10:46

Topic: Logiciel

Tcheko message:

Time is like a bullet. Too fast to catch.

With the help of BeWorld who provided me FluidLite port, I hacked a quick tool to play MIDI file without any hardware device, aka soft synthesis. FrozenLiquid is a small shell tool that will load a soundfont (SF2 for the time being) and create a CAMD MIDI cluster and AHI audio with Reggae.

I am not fully satisfied of its inner working, some quantization is happening for every MIDI event sent because the rendering loop is triggered by audio buffer. This rendering is happening every 20ms which is a bit short time resolution for MIDI events. Anyway. Sharing this first step effort is better than nothing.

One good enough soundfont to use is the Fatboy one. This is a General MIDI soundfont.

Grab the archive and give it a try! If you need a feature or improvements, let me know. All details are in the archive.

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