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Post� : 29-10-2020 22:35 icone du post

Hi everyone, I find and use 10.4 mac osx but when I boot with and select disk utility and hope find rezise partition, I only find create 1,2,3 etc volume or divise the partition. I'm scared to lose everything. I don't want to lose my exist's partition 10.5.8. I just want to resize HFS+ partition because ubuntu 9.04 doesn't work to resize it. I use the repair utility disk, it don't find any problem. In obligement forum the explain a way to start at zero point to install mac osx and then morpho. Is it exist a way to use CD install mac osx just to resize partition mac hfs+ before install morpho OS without lose data of mac os 10.5.8 ? :confused: Thanks at all,

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