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2 démos ENCORE, 300% MorphOS :)#2141

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MDW MDWicon_post
I think the project is in too early stage.

I think the project is in too early stage to talk about it. You know - we don’t like promises and plans in Amiga-world. We like facts.
Templario Templarioicon_post
Well, other MorphOS game, and what is the objetive inthe game?
MDW MDWicon_post
Ech, Fortis... 10 years ago... The game is also available on
Unfortunately I noticed the Fortis doesn't work on the latest version of MorphOS. I will check (probably at the end of August) why the game crashes on new MOS and probably release fixed version. :) Architecture

Generally after Decrunch 2020 I am going to stop my demoscene activity and back to creating new game. I have already implemented the most difficult (for me) elements, learned a lot, implemented risky (for me) algorithms. I frozen the development because demo and engine required a lot of my time.
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Templario Templarioicon_post
The site isn't show correctly, neither we can download the game or one demo from it.
waldiamiga waldiamigaicon_post
Permettez-moi de vous rappeler que MDW a également codé un jeu de style Asteroids appelé Fortis
Primary - A1139, Secondary - A1138...and new - A1145
MDW MDWicon_post
Several screenshots from “Work in Progress” stage I published on Twitter ( However most of details I didn’t published.

During creating demo/engine I use several languages. The most difficult is English. It is more difficult than C, C++, Objective-C and Python.
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Jedi Jediicon_post
Hi MDW :)

Thanks for these last news !

I am also very impatient
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Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post

thanks a lot for your announcement ! I'm very impatient to watch the last demo of the trilogy !

Thanks a lot for all your hard work, i'm sure it will be an appotheosis ;-)

"impatient mode on"
MDW MDWicon_post

I would like to inform that next demo called "Morphobia" is almost finished. This is the last part of MorphOS-trilogy. Currently I am adding some details, more butterflies, fixing synchronisation with music, trying to optimise some parts of code, writing end scroll texts.

Skyrunner of Brain Control made great music special for demo. He was very involved, was working hard on this song, sent me many versions and supported me sending many interesting ideas. He created parts of music special for proper effect, scenes. I think music and video/sound synchronisation will be strong part of the production.

Graphics 2D/3D and animation are not very good because everything was made by me. However not good gfx will be compensated by interesting ideas (sometimes quite funny I hope).

I am almost sure that this time I will release final version on Decrunch 2020 party (31st July - 2nd August). No preview, no alpha/beta. Just final version. I will release executable version for MorphOS and video created from frames generated in special mode of the demo (fixed 60 fps).

Please don't tell anyone - I am as excited as I am tired.

So... see you on August.
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ACE ACEicon_post
En tout cas je trouve que c'est de très belle démos !