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[Résolu] - Virtualiser MorphOS dans Qemu ? retour d'expérience ?#2285

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waldiamiga waldiamigaicon_post
If you want to emulate Pegasos II, you need that computer's firmware. It can be extracted from a firmware upgrade, but it is quite difficult.
I succeeded and you have the effect on the screen. The Polish system is my native language.
My syntax for qemu (HD Start):

qemu-system-ppc -machine pegasos2 -rtc base=localtime -m 1024 -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true,romfile= -bios d:\Emulacja\QEmu\pegasos2.rom -serial stdio -device ide-hd,drive=hd-drive,bus=ide.0 -drive file=d:\Emulacja\QEmu\MorphOS.img,if=none,id=hd-drive,format=raw

CD Start

qemu-system-ppc -machine pegasos2 -rtc base=localtime -m 1024 -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true,romfile=ati_oem_rage128pro.rom -cdrom d:\Emulacja\QEmu\morphos-3.17.iso -bios d:\Emulacja\QEmu\pegasos2.rom -serial stdio -device ide-hd,drive=hd-drive,bus=ide.0 -drive file=d:\Emulacja\QEmu\MorphOS.img,if=none,id=hd-drive,format=raw

Primary - A1139, Secondary - A1138...and new - A1145
yogiofvm yogiofvmicon_post
Hello waldiamiga and thanx for your answer :)

Ok but how to get this rom ? i go search.
Have a wonderfull evening !
waldiamiga waldiamigaicon_post
Write to me at waldiamiga (at), we'll come up with something :)
Primary - A1139, Secondary - A1138...and new - A1145
yogiofvm yogiofvmicon_post
haha ha cool ! thanx a lot ^^

Ok i didn't succed i have this message :
Configuring PCI1... Done.
Configuring ETH... Done.
Releasing IDE reset ... Done.
Configuring Legacy Devices
Initializing KBD... Done.
Testing 10000000 Bytes, Pass: 00000000 Failed: 00000000
RAM TEST (fill linear)... Done.

cpu0: PowerPC,G4 CPUClock 599 Mhz BUSClock 133 Mhz (Version 0x000C,0x0209)
no/bad nvramrc - performing default startup script
channel 0 unit 0 : ata | QEMU HARDDISK | 2.5+
ATA device not present or not responding

Welcome to SmartFirmware(tm) for bplan Pegasos2 version 1.1 (20040405172512)
SmartFirmware(tm) Copyright 1996-2001 by CodeGen, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Pegasos BIOS Extensions Copyright 2001-2003 by bplan GmbH.
All Rights Reserved.
entering main read/eval loop...

so then CD Start doesn't run, but i have a qemu window without display but it goes better !

Perhaps you know what to do ?

Thanx a lot !
 Message édité par : yogiofvm / 12-09-2022 22:21
waldiamiga waldiamigaicon_post
Type in the console:

boot cd: boot.img

If you manage to install the system on the hard drive, type in the console:

boot hd: 0 boot.img

Primary - A1139, Secondary - A1138...and new - A1145
yogiofvm yogiofvmicon_post
Hello hello ! Yes i go actually to be part of a meet of a great association here but after evening i will try !
Thanx a lot yet !
Templario Templarioicon_post
The emulation is bad I can't understand the menus.? ?
yogiofvm yogiofvmicon_post
Hello templario !
it is a polish version. Yes i go test it later this evening.

Et désolé tous je prends le canal warmup avec des messages en anglais ^^

Bonne soirée !
Have a goooood evening ^^

edit : ok je vais écrire en anglais les amis j'en suis désolé et si cela vous embête que cette discussion soit ici, dites le moi que je continue en privé ?
Vous me direz :)

Ok i do not know what to change, i done this without any success:
qemu-system-ppc -machine pegasos2 -rtc base=localtime -m 1024 -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true,romfile= -bios /sauvegarde/sauvegarde/ISO/pegasos2.rom -serial stdio -device ide-hd,drive=hd-drive,bus=ide.0 -drive /sauvegarde/sauvegarde/ISO/boot.img,if=none,id=hd-drive,format=raw

"a block must be related for "file" " says me the terminal

So then i mistaked, strange i did success yesterday with a similar script ?

Thanx a lot and regards
 Message édité par : yogiofvm / 13-09-2022 23:52
Templario Templarioicon_post
Yes, I saw that language is polish I know this special charapters for my collaborator Adam with his translations, only is to have a little humor in this site. Am sorry I don't speak française to write in your language and if I write in spanish is worst because I can write, write, non stop. ?
yogiofvm yogiofvmicon_post
Hello hello !

Yes i think no one is against our conversation in english :)
So then let's speak :)

Regards :)