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[EN] Amiga Games using RTG works on morphos 2.x? Bubble Heroes, OnEscapee, Earth2140... etc#311

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_DaNi_ _DaNi_icon_post
I am frustrated!!! i have some amiga cd games (i love you this games) and for the moment, i cant play it under morphos.
I have installed the full 68k package of rtgmaster and installed the native mos rtgmaster.library with the c2pgoesWOS and i test this games:

Bubble Heroes: Start but when i select the screenmode, the game goes to black screen
Napalm: i think this game search the original amiga audio device...
Earth 2140: The game says this "You need a 640x480x16 in Bigedian screen" ... What is Bigendian screen? Have this option MorphOS?

Any know what (old but cool!) RTG amiga games work under MorphOS and what C2P work better? 040. azure. c2pgoeswos... etc

Thank to all!

Message édité par : Papiosaur / 04-11-2009 20:05

_DaNi_ _DaNi_icon_post
Good notice!!! Earth 2140 + Earth 2140 Mission Pack full working on my efika. if any is interested in the executable, i can upload .
This game tested is very very fastest, >60 fps at 800x600 on my efika :)

SoundSquare SoundSquareicon_post
thanks for the info Dani !
i never got really interested in games on morphos myself but i'm pretty sure someone can help you here ? anyone ?
Anonyme Anonymeicon_post
i installed it to at my mac mini, morphos 2.4, but it quits start with an error message.

"CyberGraphX and a defined 640x480x64k screenmode required"

any help or morphos files?
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Hello Anonymous ;-)

You will try to create with screenmode in MorphOS preferences/Monitors...

Anonyme Anonymeicon_post
thx for help papiosaur! :) but...
i was already looking for this. in preferences i have 8bit and 15/16bit screens with 640px480px and 800px600px up to 24bit 1680px1050px for my syncmaster directly after install ( i can select them as ambient screenmodes to). no need for changing anything i thought?? other games like napalm or wipeout working like a charm :)


wich extra files did you mean? just installed the earth 2140 cd. could you pls upload them? thx :)

Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
@Anonymous: Did you have installedE2140_English_020401.lha

@_DaNi_ and Anonymous: Did you have installed rtgmaster_mos.lha ?


Message édité par : Papiosaur / 07-11-2009 16:20

Anonyme Anonymeicon_post
great it worked with the patch! thx papiosaur!

didnt installed the rtgmaster library for mos to playit & its still working after installing
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Cool !!! very nice ;-)