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[EN] MorphOS Users interested in redirect basic Low-res AGA#414

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_DaNi_ _DaNi_icon_post
Hi to all!
I need to know how many people would be interested in a compatible emulation AGA (AGA work ECS too), just the basic resolution of 320x256 PAL up to 256col (no ham6/8) redirected on the fly by CGX.
I am considering this major step, and do not need the UAE to launch a program with native Amiga graphics (deluxe paint 4, for example).
MorphOS incorporates 68060 emulation jit, a fully native mode emulation (low res AGA) launched and redirect by CGX is a percfect component.
Well I need to know all your opinions on this subject
Thanks and sorry my english! :P
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Hello _DaNi_ ;-)

Why not ?
I'm curious to test it.
daff dafficon_post
Nice idea for testing.