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Hollywood : RebelSDL 1.1 released

Code business is back. Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present RebelSDL 1.1. RebelSDL is a plugin for Hollywood that allows you to use SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) from Hollywood. This makes it possible to write scripts that utilize the host system's graphics hardware to create high-performance, butter-smooth 2D animation that is produced completely in hardware by the GPU of your graphics board.

RebelSDL 1.1 is a major update which contains several important improvements over the last release. First and foremost, RebelSDL is now available for AmigaOS 4 for the very first time. This allows you to write Hollywood scripts which take advantage of the latest Warp3D Nova and OpenGL ES technologies leading to dramatic performance boosts when drawing and scaling graphics. For MorphOS, RebelSDL is now also available in a special PowerSDL version. Since SDL2 on MorphOS doesn't currently support hardware acceleration, PowerSDL is a much better choice to make use of the graphics hardware for a better drawing performance. Finally, RebelSDL for Linux ARM comes in three different flavours now: Raspberry Pi (taking advantage of the Pi's custom hardware), OpenGL and OpenGL ES. This will allow you to get the most out of the ARM Linux of your choice. On top of that, there are also some other general new features for all platforms.

RebelSDL 1.1 is now available for free download for a multitude of platforms from the official Hollywood portal. The distribution archive also contains 20 example scripts and extensive documentation in various formats (PDF, HTML, CHM, AmigaGuide).

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

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Atomic BomberMan 2.11 by Daytona675x

Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener has just released an update of his port of the game Atomic Bomberman from 1997 by Interplay.

Visit Daytona675x website.

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ScummVM 2.2.0 ported by BeWorld

BeWorld has just released the port of ScummVM 2.2.0 using the GCC9 compiler provided in the SDK 3.14. This news version need last SDL2 libraries and OpenGL is supported. An archive with some tools dedicated to ScummVM is also available.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all projects realized by BeWorld.

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Hollywood Designer 5.0 Special Edition now available

Autumn just got awesome: Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present the Special Edition of Hollywood Designer 5.0. Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE is identical to the standard edition of Hollywood Designer 5.0 except that it comes bundled with a special version of Hollywood 8.0 that can only be used with Hollywood Designer but not on its own. This limitation makes it possible to offer Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE for a much cheaper price than buying Hollywood Designer 5.0 and Hollywood 8.0 separately. It is a special offer targeted specifically at people who only want to use Hollywood Designer but not Hollywood itself. For those users it is now possible to get the most advanced Amiga multimedia software suite for a much cheaper price!

Hollywood Designer 5.0 is a multimedia authoring system that runs on top of Hollywood and can be used to create all sorts of multimedia-based applications, for example presentations, slide shows, games, and applications. Thanks to Hollywood, all multimedia applications created using Hollywood Designer can be exported as stand-alone executables for the following systems: AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Hollywood Designer is no longer limited to "just" being an authoring software, it can now also be used as a flexible graphics editor because it supports many features of modern graphics editors like multiple layers with over 30 filter effects, vector graphics, video import and export, and text processing. Click here to learn more about Hollywood Designer 5.0 and its features.

Power up your Amiga system with Hollywood Designer 5.0 SE and place your order now!
Brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

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EasyRPG Player by BSzili

Szilárd 'BSzili' Biró has just released the port of the last version of EasyRPG Player for MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS4. It's a software allowing to play games created with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.

See dedicated webppage available on MorphOS-Storage.
See all MorphOS ports by BSzili.
Visit BSzili website.
Visit official website.

source : MorphZone

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OpenTTD 1.10.3 ported by BeWorld

BeWorld has just released the port of last version of OpenTTD, a business simulation game in which players try to earn money via transporting passengers and freight by road, rail, water and air. It is an open-source remake and expansion of the 1994 Chris Sawyer video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all ports by BeWorld.

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Iris beta 93 by jacadcaps

Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has made available Iris beta 93, the new email client supporting IMAP protocol for MorphOS.

This new version fixe backwards compatibility issues with MorphOS 3.13.

Show description page and acces to download on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit official website.


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WebRadio 2.2 by Thomas Igracki

Thomas Igracki has just released a new version of WebRadio, a screen titlebar plug-in class based on CgmRadio from Grzegorz Kraszewski to listen to internet radio stations streaming using ShoutCast protocol in MPEG audio format (usually MP3, MPEG-1 Layer III).

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all Thomas Igracki softs available on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit Thomas Igracki website.

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RNORadio 1.2 by jPV^RNO

The developper jPV from RNO group has just released RNORadio, a GUI based internet radio player program for MP3 streams, and it's made with Hollywood. The actual streaming and playback is based on the CgmRadio program from Grzegorz Kraszewski, but RNORadio still works as a stand-alone program with no dependencies.


- Added four new skins by Christophe 'Highlander' Delorme
- Added an option to generate a web search from a current stream title/track
- Added an option to display the current stream title in the screen title bar
- Tweaked the Shoutcast keyword handling
- Fixed bugs in the station list editing
- Skins can load TTF fonts from their own directories
- Added a bold option for fonts in skin configs
- Fixed some character issues
- Added a menu option to reset the window size using custom skins

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS Storage.

See all projects by jPV.

Visit jPV website.

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SDLPoP : Prince of Persia ported by BeWorld

BeWorld has just released a new version of his port of SDLPoP, a clône of Prince of Persia game which requires the last version of SDL2 libraries.

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.