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devils_advisor devils_advisoricon_post
Hi im Chris aka devils_advisor, Some of you might have seen my Videos on Youtube. In case you havent here is the link to the channel

I try to promote this Forum as much as time allows. My Job is driving Semi Trucks (18 Wheeler) and that usually means im not much home. I would if i could build the channel up to allow me to stay home :D maybe in the near future.

Best regards Chris
AmigaDave AmigaDaveicon_post
Hi Chris,

I'm looking for computer graphics, photo and video content creators to help promote MorphOS, with advertising ideas and art content. If you are interested in creating such content, let me know. I might be forming a group of users who want to help promote the use of MorphOS to potential new users and developers. If I don't form a new group for this, I am hoping that WarmUP Association will help with this work.

aka AmigaDave
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
@Chris : Welcome to the forum!

sorry, i did'nt see your post...

Thanks a lot for your effort to promote MorphOS and the Association!

@Chris and AmigaDave : maybe you could form a small group together to promote MorphOS, sorry but don't have the time in this moment...maybe another member of the Association ?