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Un jeu spectaculaire pour OpenBOR#2348

1 Modérateur(s)
Templario Templarioicon_post
Bonjour and sorry, yes I discovered this spectacular game for OpenBOR and it runs fine on the BeWorld's port_
and you can donwload from here:
The pak and copy inside the pak drawer and start OpenBOR and yes to cut heads in a fantasy game with MAgic and enemies.
Again thank you BeWorld for the port of OpenBOR.
 Message édité par : Papiosaur / 23-08-2023 18:11
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Thanks Templario for the link, i upload it soon ;-)
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Uploaded ;-) I like the power of the girl :-D

Thanks Templario for this share!
Templario Templarioicon_post
Another OpenBor game for our system :
Neon Lighthing Force.
I'm sorry only it is available for register users.
 Message édité par : Templario / 13-12-2023 12:37
Templario Templarioicon_post
The link:
The pack is complete with Windows OpenBorm but copying the pack file from pack drawer to MorphOS OpenBor pack drawer it works.
Templario Templarioicon_post
Other spectacular OpenBor game:
Tested with the last port from BeWorld (thank you), here you can choose between Nick Fury or the Punisher (Marvel Charapters), this new game from Stefano you handle one charapter and the other is handle for the CPU and the cheats this time has the option of lethal strike, where your charrapter kill the enmy with a only strike.
 Message édité par : Papiosaur / 10-01-2024 10:54
Templario Templarioicon_post
I found a problem with the last OpenBor port and this game isn't possible back to main menu.
Templario Templarioicon_post
A found a problem with the OpenBOr with this game:
The game is loaded for the last OpenBor, but with 1/4 of load the OpenBor crashed, there are other OpenBor games that directly don't load or show the game cover, in this case the cover is showed in the OpenBor menu, OpenBoor load the game cover and in the loading proccess as I say when the load arrives to 1/4 crash.
The game is very interesting in 280 megas, I tested under Linux and Windows too and runs perfect.
K-L K-Licon_post
Have you got enough memory ?
Templario Templarioicon_post
Uuff, I tested It with my PowerBook with 512 MB, humm, perhaps I have test It in my G5. Thank you for the suggestion.