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Test of MorphOS 3.12/3.13 by Daff

David 'Daff' Brunet has put online on his website Obligement an update of the test of MorphOS 3.12 with the addition of the corrective version 3.13.

Read the test.

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ixemul.library - Hotfix for MorphOS 3.13

The release of MorphOS 3.13 exposed a long standing bug in ixemul.library: Due to an oversight the library defaults to a wrong FPU rounding mode. The bug can manifest itself in various ways, one example is "tinny" audio output in various games. Only applications using ixemul.library are affected. We have released a hotfix that addresses this issue.

Please download the archive, unarchive it, and follow the instructions in the accompanied README file to complete the installation.

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MorphOS 3.13 available

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.13. This new version offers more sophisticated text rendering including new font hinting and anti-aliasing modes to choose from. These include subpixel anti-aliasing for sharper and more detailed text on most LCD displays for any applications that allow text output via TTEngine. For those interested in testing this new feature, go to the Fonts section of System Preferences, enable "LCD" anti-aliasing, save your changes and then reboot. Next, run our integrated development environment Flow Studio, go to Editor Settings and switch on TTEngine mode.

In addition to general stability, performance, and security improvements, MorphOS 3.13 also brings important bug fixes for Pegasos I, Pegasos II, and Sam 460 systems as well as a driver for the on-board Gigabit ethernet controller found on A-EON P50x0 mainboards. For owners of Apple PowerMac7.x computers, there is a new shell tool for controlling the fan speed along with inspecting fan status and system sensor temperatures on these systems.

Existing users who have kept the built-in 'Default' choice for window skins will notice an altered appearance after upgrading. Anybody who prefers the previous look is advised to switch from "Default" to "Ferox" in the Screens section of System Preferences. Likewise, if your window skin was changed and you would like the rest of the user interface to look similar, please open MUI Preferences, click on the Settings button and choose the "Origo" theme. Please note that this step may overwrite personalized settings unless you choose to save them as a custom theme beforehand. The changes list is available HERE.

We strongly urge new users to carefully read our installation and troubleshooting guides before they attempt to install MorphOS for the first time. Existing users can upgrade via the familiar procedure but are encouraged to read the guides as well. MorphOS 3.13 is available for download in our files section.

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Test of MorphOS 3.12 by Daff

David 'Daff' Brunet offers on his website Obligement the test of MorphOS 3.12.

Read the test.

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MorphOS run on AMD64

Benoit 'amigaouf' Wiblé in live from Amiga34 at Neuss Germany) send us a snapshot and a video with MorphOS Team showing in global exclusivity MorphOS on AMD64 processor (Ryzen 5 3600).

See a snapshot proposed by amigaouf.

See amigaouf video.

See chainq video.

See henes interview realized by amigaouf.

See the bigfoot post on MorphZone.

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MorphOS 3.12 - Installation guide by Daff

Following the release of MorphOS 3.12, David 'Daff' Brunet is pleased to update its excellent installation guide MorphOS available on its site Obligement.

This guide describes the steps for installing or upgrading MorphOS 3.12 on Pegasos, Pegasos II (Open Desktop Workstation machine), Efika 5200B (Efika Open Client machine), Mac mini G4, eMac (models 1.25 and 1.42 GHz), Power Mac G4 (PowerMac3.1 to PowerMac3.6 models), Power Mac G4 Cube (PowerMac5.1 model), Power Mac G5 (PowerMac7.3 models), PowerBook G4 (PowerBook5, 2 to PowerBook5,9), iBook G4 (PowerBook models 6,3 to 6,7), Sam460ex / Sam460cr (AmigaOne 500 machine) and AmigaOne X5000-20. See the list of managed Macintosh machines.

Read the new installation guide.

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MorphOS 3.12 available

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.12. This new version introduces brand new dual-monitor capabilities to various Powerbook laptops as well as G5 desktop systems, and features improved thermal management, fan control and dynamic CPU frequency switching, which provide increased energy efficiency and reduced noise levels. Additionally, the Helios Firewire stack has been fully integrated into the core OS and we added support for hundreds of modern printers and scanners.

Furthermore, the Odyssey web browser has been upgraded and now utilizes newer and more modern components for handling connections, encryption, spell-checking, and low-level drawing operations. Plus, it features a redesigned and more adaptive user interface.

In addition, our official integrated development environment Flow Studio has been substantially updated and extended yet again bringing numerous usability and LUA scripting enhancements, full support for Hollywood, and code sensing as well as function listing abilities for many additional languages.

Developers will also appreciate the inclusion of a new MUI text rendering engine that is capable of rendering Unicode text. This feature is currently enabled in selected applications and in all ObjC applications. Thanks to the addition of the new ObjFW runtime, it is now also possible to write native ObjC applications that utilize Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).

Moreover, MorphOS now offers a rewritten spellchecker that is based on Hunspell and libvoikko cores and uses UTF-8. Spell-checking is now supported in all of MUI's string input gadgets, Flow Studio and Odyssey.

For a more comprehensive explanation of these changes and a list of additional features, such as the ability to mute the boot chime on Mac computers from within MorphOS, please read our release notes.

We strongly urge new users to carefully read our installation and troubleshooting guides before they attempt to install MorphOS for the first time. Existing users can upgrade via the familiar procedure but are encouraged to read the guides as well. MorphOS 3.12 is available for download in our files section.

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Comparatif : Tableau comparatif des systèmes de fichiers sur MorphOS

David 'Daff' Brunet vient de mettre en ligne, sur son site Obligement, une traduction d'un comparatif des systèmes de fichiers écrit par JPV disponible en anglais dans la bibliothèque MorphOS (MorphOS Library).


Lire l'article.

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Nouveaux articles dans MorphOS Library par jPV

Le développpeur jPV^RNO a récemment mit en ligne des nouveaux articles sur MorphOS Library disponible (uniquement en anglais pour le moment) :


- Using Open Firmware
- Filesystems
- Hardware Compatibility
- Creating Ambient Filetypes
- Crash Course to Hollywood Programming


Se rendre sur le site de jPV.

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Guide d'installation de MorphOS 3.11 par Daff

Suite à la sortie de MorphOS 3.11, David 'Daff' Brunet nous fait le plaisir de mettre à jour son excellent guide d'installation de MorphOS sur son site Obligement.

Ce guide décrit les étapes pour installer ou mettre à jour la version 3.10 du système d'exploitation au papillon bleu sur
Pegasos, Pegasos II (machine Open Desktop Workstation), Efika 5200B (machine Efika Open Client), Mac mini G4, eMac (modèles 1,25 et 1,42 GHz), Power Mac G4 (modèles PowerMac3,1 à PowerMac3,6), Power Mac G4 Cube (modèle PowerMac5,1), Power Mac G5 (modèles PowerMac7,3), PowerBook G4 (PowerBook5,2 à PowerBook5,9), iBook G4 (modèles PowerBook6,3 à 6,7), Sam460ex/Sam460cr (machine AmigaOne 500) et AmigaOne X5000-20. Voir cette liste pour plus de détails sur les machines Macintosh gérées.

Lire le nouveau guide d'installation.

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