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ForumTopicReplieLast authorDate
MatérielCarte vidéo ... :(5Sergius29.03.20 23:59
EmulationUn Amiga sur une machine MorphOS12Papiosaur29.03.20 16:59
MatérielPowerMac G5 PCIE5Brumiga21.03.20 19:16
EmulationQuel émulateur C64 et comment s'en servir ?12BatteMan17.03.20 16:30
AmbientMimetypes1Papiosaur17.03.20 11:35
ChrysalisPack Chrysalis pour MorphOS 3.1318Highlander07.03.20 15:59
MatérielX5000 Adventures13gordini2106.03.20 17:23
MatérielMorphOS 3.12 sur iMac G5 iSight42BeWorld06.03.20 15:01
AmbientCAPSLOCK1Papiosaur05.03.20 10:06
DéveloppementMorphOS Software Development5crato27.02.20 08:04
AmbientClic droit pas fiable3CptBlood26.02.20 19:37
JeuxListe des Jeux MorphOS / MorphOS Games List (Obligement)4Jedi26.02.20 09:10
GénéralPunaise je rame avec FtpMount ???2sayasupacrew25.02.20 18:43
MatérielProblème de batterie sur un Powerbook A113818macadoum24.02.20 18:19
GénéralAltivec sur le PowerMac G5 (???)5sayasupacrew24.02.20 12:21
MatérielPowerbook et mauvaise odeur1nerumo23.02.20 17:20
DéveloppementDes idées de portage pour BeWorld92BeWorld20.02.20 21:44
ChrysalisPack Chrysalis pour MorphOS 3.12 disponible14nerumo10.02.20 05:56
AmbientActions récursives ou non sur fichiers et/ou répertoires1BeWorld08.02.20 18:03
MatérielMorphOS 3.12 et Poseidon + Manette7BatteMan21.01.20 12:08
LogicielSoutenir une mise à jour pour aminetradio0Brumiga19.01.20 19:41
DéveloppementBounty for one native version of AmiSSL2Templario09.01.20 17:36
DéveloppementButton for renovate the association fee4Templario03.01.20 19:46
GénéralQuelles imprimantes sont compatibles avec morphos ?2BeWorld29.12.19 18:29
GénéralObligement problems with google translations2Templario22.12.19 21:39
LogicielEditer des PDF sous MorphOS2Papiosaur20.12.19 18:03
EmulationAmiBlitz uploaded to MorphOS-Storage0Templario11.12.19 12:17
EmulationAmiKit sur E-UAE JIT5BeWorld09.12.19 09:23
GénéralOWB et E-UAE2ACE04.12.19 21:33
MatérielVérifier vos disques SSD !!!!2JEEG02.12.19 18:38

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AmiSSL 4.5 by Oliver Roberts

Olivier Roberts has just released a new version of AmiSSL, an OpenSSL 1.1.x port for  AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit the dedicated website.

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Schlagerparty 1.0 by Carsten Siegner

Carsten Siegner has just released Schlagerparty, an MP3 encoder with MUI.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Show all projects by Carsten Siegner.

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ModExplorer 3.0 by Joerg Renkert

Joerg Renkert has just released a new version of ModExplorer, a soft realized with Hollywood allowing to play music modules via Aminet, Modland or servers.

ModExplorer is available on AmigaOS Classic, AmigaOS 4.x and AROS.

Visit dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

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HotBorder 1.6 by Tcheko

Antoine 'Tcheko' Dubourg, the author of SoundBankster, an audio mixing software, has just released a new version of HotBorder, his commodity allowing to resize window depending where you move around the edges of your desk.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage

Visit Tcheko website.

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WildMIDI 0.4.4 by BeWorld

BeWorld has just ported WildMIDI 0.4.4, a simple software midi player which has a core software synthesizer (softsynth) library that can be use with other applications.

Visit the dedicated webpage.

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Morpheus 1.63b by Carsten Siegner

Carsten Siegner has just released a new version of his wordprocessor named Morpheus.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Show all projects by Carsten Siegner.

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New projects for MorphOS

Hello all,

actually BeWorld and BSzili work on the port of SDL2 and jacaDcaps, the author of Iris and ScoutNG work on a new webbrowser for MorphOS.

Don't hesitate to support them.

Support BeWorld.

Support BSzili.

Support jacaDcaps.

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mGBA 1.0b by Kelly Samel

Kelly 'realstar' Samel has just released mGBA, an emulator supporting orignal GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color for MorphOS 3.13.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all projects realized by realstar.
Visit realstar website.

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AnimWebConverter 4.0 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has released a new version of AnimWebConverter, a tool compiled with the latest version of Hollywood and having the following functions:

- Resizes animations by percentage or pixel (width and height).
- Converts a gif animation to apng and vice versa.
- Changes the speed of the video
- Converts an Amiga * .anim or * .yafa animation to gif or apng formats.
- Extract an image of a video and save it in gif, jpg, lbm, png, bmp, jpeg2000 or tiff.
- Save your videos in mpeg

This tool is available for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x and AmigaOS3.x and requires Hollywood plugins.

Go to dedicated webpage on MorphOS Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario.

Go to

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AmiSpeedTest 0.7 by Karl Jeacle

Karl Jeacle has just released a new version of his tool named AmiSpeedTest allowing to performs download and upload speed tests to the Internet.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

Visit the dedicated website.